Mother Nature Shows Up…

The one thing we can not control is the role that Mother Nature will play during our events. What we can control is the ability to anticipate her and to be prepared for what she may bring.  This month alone MYE has managed several events around North America and Mother Nature was an uninvited guest who welcomed herself at some of these events.

 At MYE we pride ourselves on being prepared for everything.  During a recent MYE event in Canada we had an uninvited guest, Mother Nature.  During the planning of the event we anticipated typical Canadian fall-like weather.  Much to our surprise, Mother Nature delivered us a heat-wave unlike one that had been seen in this part of the country for years.  While it may seem a simple solution, The MYE staff was quick to lower the temperature by supplying state of the art fans that cooled the event and saved our client on the unexpected expensive rental of portable air conditioning units.  The event was a chilling success!

 Recently while the MYE event team was preparing for a New York City cocktail reception for one of our luxury goods clients, Mother Nature showed up uninvited once again.  Severe thunderstorms and tornados hit New York City just as our reception was to begin.  The MYE staff quickly went into action deploying our inclement weather plan.  MYE was prepared with umbrellas for the guests, coat racks and even rugs for the entry way.  The MYE Event Team also went into action to adjust the run-of-show in anticipation of our delayed guests. Thinking ahead and being prepared with these small things helps set MYE apart from our competition.  It may have been gloomy outside in New York City but inside MYE made our client’s event shine.

 While we always anticipate what Mother Nature will bring us, you can rest assured that whatever she delivers, MYE is prepared.  MYE could be supplying fans, providing umbrellas to the guest or adjusting a run-of-show, it doesn’t really matter.  Our job at MYE is to make every event perfect!

 Please contact us today so we can plan a perfect event for your organization!

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