Quick Tips!

Quick Tips!

As the hot topic in our industry continues to be how to get more for less, MYE thought we would share some quick tips and can help you out.  During your next event, try implementing some of these suggestions and you will be sure to see your meeting dollars stretch a little further.

Tip 1:  Avoid providing your attendees with costly bottled waters.  Since it is recommended that you still provide water to your thirsty attendees, try an alternative of providing reusable water bottles for everyone.  These inexpensive bottles can be sponsored by one of your vendors or even sport your own company logo.  Either way, the savings is incredible.  Consider that an average hotel will charge you $3.00++ per bottle and that your average attendee will consume an average of 5 bottles of water per event.  A reusable water bottle only cost about $3 to $5 dollars.

Tip 2:  Creative centerpieces.  Try selecting floral that will work throughout your event and be reused during all your meal functions.  Many floral arrangements will last days.  Ask your hotel if they can store your centerpieces in a walk-in cooler.  Most will cooperate.  Another option is to ask the Chef at your event to incorporate their menu into the centerpieces.  This is a clever way to pre-set breads or deserts.

Tip 3:  Use generic signage during your event.  Often money is wasted on signage that can’t be reused from one event to another.  Even with the cost of shipping, this can be a better money saving option.

Tip 4:  Create an airport shuttle schedule.  Instead of providing attendees with immediate private transfers which can often be costly, prepare a predetermined shuttle schedule.  Make the schedule available to attendees during the registration process.  Most attendees don’t mind waiting 10-15 minutes for the next shuttle.  Especially if it means the savings can be directed towards staying at a better hotel/resort.

Tip 5:  During the registration process, remind your attendees of airline baggage fees.  Encourage attendees to use carry-on luggage and to consolidate.  Also ask them to compare airline pricing and frequent flyer status when determining their flights.  Often, those with status avoid baggage fees.

These are just a few quick tips that can help save money during your next event.  And remember, at MYE we are all about saving our clients’ money!   Please contact us today so we may show you how it can be done.  Your event is special.  We understand.

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