Back to meetings…

Where is everyone going these days? This was a question that came to mind as I recently traveled through Miami International Airport. The airport was swarming with travelers; both domestic and international. Everywhere I looked I saw travelers both young and old and from near and afar.

For the most part, I could easily pick out why people were traveling: those who were traveling for family vacation (sunburns, kids, and souvenir t-shirts), those who were headed to/from a cruise ship (large groups, tour guides directing them, and ship luggage tags) and those who were traveling for business (laptop, BlackBerrys and usually traveling alone).

My conclusion was that while the airport had its share of tourist, headed somewhere fun and relaxing, the airport seemed to be a lot more a buzz with business travelers. In my mind this could only equate to one thing, an improved economy where people are once again meeting face to face.

To support my claim, I’m also seeing that the availability of hotel meeting space is in short supply this summer. That too is a good indication that the economy is rebounding and once again people are meeting face to face. Long gone are the days of being able to book very short term meetings, over premium dates, into premier hotel and venues. We are once again back to assisting clients with booking space at a minimum of 2 years in advance.

So ask yourself the question: Where should our company be meeting in 2013 and beyond? Now is the time to make that decision in order to keep your company on the cutting edge. Map Your Events knows of several great meeting destinations (both international and domestic) that could be possibilities for your next big meeting.
Contact Map Your Events today. Your event is special. We understand.

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