What’s HOT and what’s NOT

Some people are keeping up with the Kardashians. At MYE we are keeping up with what’s HOT and what’s NOT…in the event industry. Staying on top of current industry trends (and helping to create them!) is an important aspect of the meeting planning profession. We take this seriously and have fun in the process. We attend seminars, we pin, we tweet, we follow blogs, we pay attention. Why do we spend hours doing this? To pass our expertise along to our clients and to make them look like rock stars. Lets be honest, no one wants a cookie cutter event or too feel like they’ve “Been there, done that. That was so last year.” Similar to the fashion industry, in our world trends on what’s popular and new regarding linens, florals, décor, food and cocktails, to name a few, are constantly changing. At MYE we’re never late for the party.
Here are a few of the trends we are loving this “season!”

High-end, Custom Dessert Buffets. Sweet treats on a whole new level. Dessert bars are becoming part of event décor. More thought and consideration is going into the look and presentation of desserts. Colorful lollipops. Whoopie pies. Gourmet chocolates. House-made icees with fun flavored whipped creams. Donuts. Cocktail popsicles. Extravagant cupcake displays have been dethroned as beignets take the stage. Retro themed dessert bars have also made their way onto the scene. We are seeing push-cakes – push-pop containers that hold mini-layer cakes in grown up flavors. Bubblegum cotton candy wrapped around a blue cheese-filled cherry. Mini baked Alaskas – rave worthy and a fun addition!

Thinking Outside the Chocolate Box. Another savory surprise is the use of unique ingredients such as bacon in cupcakes and cookies. Definitely a conversation piece and surprisingly delicious! Using herbs in desserts is another new trend. Lavender infused chocolates and tortes, basil peach shortcake, eucalyptus honey truffles to name a few.

Micro minis. And for the record we are not talking about skirts. Everything seems to be mini and the possibilities seem endless! Silver dollar sized burgers are out and mini bite sized burgers are in. Mini gourmet pizzas. Mini pancakes drizzled in maple syrup. Quarter sized fish tacos served with a single serving of a margarita. Mini biscuits paired with a fried chicken bite.

Big, Bold, Colorful Décor. Décor is an extremely important element and can set the tone and mood of your entire event. This year it has been and continues to be all about color. Big. Bold. Colorful. We are seeing bold color everywhere…even neon! Black and white offset with a bold accent color and geometric patterns in linens are also popular. As far as “the” color to look for, designers are saying that blue is assuming the role of what black used to be, and is becoming more of a basic building block.

Reinventing Event Themes. Today’s event themes are stated in the atmosphere of the event. They seem to be defined more by color and lighting, and less by using the in your face approach by screaming the event theme by use of props. The goal is to engage all the senses…starting with using food displays as the sense of taste. Scent, taste, sound and sight are what make an event come to life. Music and lighting are critical. We are seeing an explosion of 60’s style in linens and centerpieces, creating a Mad Men themed look. Bringing the outside in and using nature to enhance event themes is also popular. Moss covered tables, potted plants and the use of grass trays on buffets to display food. For an understated corporate theme in a general session or breakout setting, there is a growing movement to step away from the traditional classroom or theater set and replace it with a soft seating arrangement. This welcomes the theme of “we are here to network, to communicate, to be comfortable with each other.”

Green is still the new black. In regards to food and beverage, the search for a greener palate continues to be a growing trend…and we are glad to see that it keeps topping the list. Caterers and hotels are proud to be green and participate in local, sustainable and organic food programs. They recycle, they compost, they give back. Our vendors are following the moto of one of our favorite NY caterers,“executing events with lasting memories that do not have a lasting impact on the environment.” The farm to table movement is on the move…and coming to an event near you.

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