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Their friendship launched a modern American success story.

After working together on various high-profile events and developing a mutual respect and friendship, Mark Phillips and Roy Bestow began discussing how they might create more value for clients. Shortly after they formed MYE.

As President and Vice President, Mark Phillips and Roy Bestow are not merely the founders of MYE, they serve as chief strategists and directors of the MYE team for each and every event.

Their combined 40 years of experience includes directing services in the hotel, food and beverage, destination management and event planning industries; hosting multi-media, public relations, corporate, celebrity and lifestyle events; and managing sporting events as grand as the Olympics.

Since MYE’s inception, Mark and Roy have led the company to great success. MYE has planned events for some of the most prominent businesses, organizations and individuals; and has a client list that continues to grow year after year. Undoubtedly, MYE wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise of the talented individuals who have joined the team over the years.


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