No more stress!

Recently, came out with a list of the most stressful jobs from 2014.  Most are not surprising:

1.  Active Military

2.  Military General

3.  Firefighter

4.  Airline Pilot

5.  Event Planner

Wait, what?  Event Planner?  The active military position, as well as Military General are certainly understandably stressful, and most people have a natural instinct to run OUT of a burning building, not into it.  Airline pilots are responsible for the safety of hundreds of people every day, we get that one too.  But here at MYE, we feel that Event Planning is an honor, a challenge, and mostly it is an incredibly fun occupation!  We have our share of what we consider to be challenges, but when those are met with a creative angle, the situation becomes extremely rewarding.

We have found that immaculate attention to detail in advance of an event greatly reduces the amount of potential stress that could accompany an event of any size.   In preparation of any event, we consider all possible scenarios and plan accordingly.  We stay in close communications with venues and vendors, to double and triple check the details prior to the event.  We continuously communicate with our clients to ensure we are helping bring their vision to life.  Of course, there are going to be times when the unexpected occurs, but handling the situation with grace and experience is what can make the difference between disaster and success.

Don’t take on the stress of planning your own event, let MYE take care of that for you so you can relax and watch your ideas become realities.

Happy 2015!

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